And when they entered unto Joseph, he said, taking his brother into his arms, 'I am thy brother; so do not despair of that they have done.' (69) Then, while Joseph was having their provisions loaded, he put his drinking-cup in his brother's saddlebag. And then a herald cried: "Travellers, you are thieves." (70) They turned to them and asked: "What is it you have lost?" (71) They said, "We are missing the measure of the king. And for he who produces it is [the reward of] a camel's load, and I am responsible for it." (72) They said, "By Allah, you have certainly known that we did not come to cause corruption in the land, and we have not been thieves." (73) They said: And what shall be the penalty for it, if ye prove liars? (74) They said: "The penalty should be that he in whose saddle-bag it is found, should be held (as bondman) to atone for the (crime). Thus it is we punish the wrong-doers!" (75) They searched their baggage before that of Joseph's real brother where at last they found it. Thus, We showed Joseph how to plan this; he would not have been able to take his brother under the King's law unless God had wanted it to be so. We give a high rank to whomever We want. Over every knowledgeable person is one more knowing. (76) ۞ They said, "If he is a thief, a brother of his had [also] committed theft before him." But Joseph kept his secret and revealed nothing to them. He said [to himself], "Your deed was worse. God best knows the things you speak of." (77) They said, 'Mighty prince, he has a father, aged and great with years; so take one of us in his place; we see that thou art one of the good-doers.' (78) He answered: "May God preserve us from [the sin of] detaining any other than him with whom we have found our property - for then, behold, we would indeed be evildoers!" (79)