۞ Certainly were there in Joseph and his brothers signs for those who ask, (7) They said: "Truly Joseph and his brother are loved more by our father than we: But we are a goodly body! really our father is obviously wandering (in his mind)! (8) "Kill Yusuf (Joseph) or cast him out to some (other) land, so that the favour of your father may be given to you alone, and after that you will be righteous folk (by intending repentance before committing the sin)." (9) One among them said: Kill not Joseph but, if ye must be doing, fling him into the depth of the pit; some caravan will find him. (10) After so deciding they said to their father: "Why is it that you do not trust us regarding Joseph although we are his true well-wishers?" (11) Send him with us tomorrow, so that he may play and enjoy himself. We will look after him." (12) He said: verily it grieveth me that ye should take him away, and I fear lest a wolf may devour him while ye are negligent of him. (13) They replied: "If a wolf should devour him when we are there, a well-knit band, we shall certainly be treacherous." (14) When they went with him, they agreed to put him in the bottom of a well. We revealed to him: 'You shall tell them of what they did when they are not aware (it is you)' (15) In the evening they returned to their father weeping (16) They said, 'Father, we went running races, and left Joseph behind with our things; so the wolf ate him. But thou wouldst never believe us, though we spoke truly.' (17) and they produced his tunic with false blood upon it. [But Jacob] exclaimed: "Nay, but it is your [own] minds that have made [so terrible] a happening seem a matter of little account to you! But [as for myself,] patience in adversity is most goodly [in the sight of God]; and it is to God [alone] that I pray to give me strength to bear the misfortune which you have described to me." (18) Then came travellers, and they sent one of them, a water-drawer, who let down his bucket. 'Good news!' he said. 'Here is a young man.' So they hid him as merchandise; but God knew what they were doing. (19) And they sold him for a mean price: a few dirhams numbered and they were in regard to him of the indifferent. (20)