۞ And to Thamood, (We sent) their brother Salih. He said: 'My nation, worship Allah; you have no god except He. It is He who made you from the earth and let you live upon it. Ask His forgiveness then repent to Him. Indeed, my Lord is near and answers (prayers)' (61) They answered: "O Salih! Great hopes did we place in thee ere this! Wouldst thou forbid us to worship what our forefathers were wont to worship? Because [of this,] behold, we are in grave doubt, amounting to suspicion, about [the meaning of] thy call to us!" (62) He said: 'My nation, think! If I have a clear proof from my Lord and He has given me His Mercy, who would help me against Allah if I rebel against Him? Indeed, you would do nothing for me except increase my loss' (63) 'My nation, this is the shecamel of Allah, a sign for you. Leave her to graze upon the earth of Allah and do not touch her with evil lest you be seized by a punishment that is near' (64) But they cruelly slaughtered her. And thereupon [Salih] said: "[Only] for three days [more] shall you enjoy life in your homes: this is a judgment which will not be belied!" (65) Then, when Our command came to pass, We saved Salih and those who shared his faith through Our special mercy, from the disgrace of that day. Truly Your Lord is All-Strong, All-Mighty. (66) And the Blast overtook those who were wont to do wrong, and then they lay lifeless in their homes (67) As though they had never lived at ease therein. Lo! verily Thamud disbelieved in their Lord. Lo! away with Thamud. (68)