If We ever favour man with Our Mercy, and then take it away from him, he becomes utterly desperate, totally ungrateful. (9) And if We bestow upon him the enjoyment of a favour after a misfortune that had befallen him, he will surely say, “The evils have gone away from me”; indeed he is jubilant, boastful. (10) Save those who persevere and do good works. Theirs will be forgiveness and a great reward. (11) So will you forsake part of what is divinely revealed to you and be disheartened because they say, “Why has not a treasure been sent down along with him?”, or “An angel should have come with him”? You are purely a Herald of Warning*; and Allah is the Guardian over all things. (* Therefore do not grieve over their sayings.) (12) Or, do they say: He has forged it. Say: Then bring ten forged chapters like it and call upon whom you can besides Allah, if you are truthful. (13) If then they answer you not, know then that the Revelation (this Quran) is sent down with the Knowledge of Allah and that La ilaha illa Huwa: (none has the right to be worshipped but He)! Will you then be Muslims (those who submit to Islam)? (14) We shall pay those who desire the present life and its adornments in full for the work they have done therein, they shall not be defrauded; (15) They are those for whom there is nothing in the Hereafter but the Fire: vain are the designs they frame therein, and of no effect and the deeds that they do! (16) Can, then, [he who cares for no more than the life of this world be compared with] one who takes his stand on a clear evidence from his Sustainer, conveyed through [this] testimony from Him, as was the revelation vouchsafed to Moses aforetime - [a divine writ ordained by Him] to be a guidance and grace [unto man]? They [who understand this message - it is they alone who truly] believe in it; whereas for any of those who, leagued together [in common hostility,] deny its truth - the fire shall be their appointed state [in the life to come]. And so, be not in doubt about this [revelation]: behold, it is the truth from thy Sustainer, even though most people will not believe in it. (17) And who is a greater wrong-doer than he who invents a lie against Allah? Such men will be set forth before their Lord and witnesses will say: 'These are the ones who lied against their Lord. Lo! Allah's curse be upon the wrong-doers; (18) who turn others away from the path of God and try to make it appear crooked - since it is they, they who refuse to acknowledge the truth of the life to come! (19) They will not be able to escape in the earth, nor do they have any protecting friends apart from Allah; they will have punishment upon punishment; they were unable to hear, nor used to see. (* Hear or see the truth.) (20) It is they who put their souls into ruin, and they lost all that they used to fabricate. (21) Assuredly in the Hereafter they will be the greatest losers. (22) Surely (as to) those who believe and do good and humble themselves to their Lord, these are the dwellers of the garden, in it they will abide. (23) ۞ The likeness of the two parties is as the blind and the deaf and the seeing and the hearing: are they equal in condition? Will you not then mind? (24)