۞ AND CONVEY unto them the story of Noah - when he said unto his people: "O my people! If my presence [among you] and my announcement of God's messages are repugnant to you - well, in God have I placed my trust. Decide, then, upon what you are going to do [against me,] and [call to your aid] those beings to whom you ascribe a share in God's divinity; and once you have chosen your course of action, let no hesitation deflect you from it; and then carry out against me [whatever you may have decided,] and give me no respite! (71) But if you turn away [from the message which I bear, remember that] I have asked no reward whatever of you: my reward rests with none but God, for I have been bidden to be among those who have surrendered themselves unto Him." (72) But they belied him. Therefore We saved him and those who were with him in the Ark, and We made them caliphs, and We drowned those who belied Our verses. See what was the end of those who were warned! (73) After him We sent other messengers to their respective peoples, and they brought them clear proofs. But they would not believe in the truth, because they had rejected it before. Thus We seal up the hearts of the transgressors. (74) And after those [earlier prophets] We sent Moses and Aaron with Our messages unto Pharaoh and his great ones: but they gloried in their arrogance, for they were people lost in sin. (75) Thus, when the truth had come to them from Us, they said: "Surely this is nothing but pure magic." (76) Moses said: Speak ye (so) of the Truth when it hath come unto you? Is this magic? Now magicians thrive not. (77) They said, "Have you come to us to turn us away from that upon which we found our fathers and so that you two may have grandeur in the land? And we are not believers in you." (78) And Pharaoh said: Bring every cunning wizard unto me. (79) Then when the magicians were come, Musa said unto them: cast down that which ye are going to cast down. (80) And when they threw down [their staffs and cast a spell upon the people's eyes,] Moses said unto them: "What you have contrived is [but] sorcery which, verily, God will bring to nought! Verily, God does not further the works of spreaders of corruption (81) "And Allah by His words doth prove and establish His truth, however much the sinners may hate it!" (82)