۞ (Muhammad), tell them the story of Noah who told his people, "Even if my belief and my preaching of the revelation of God seem strange to you, I put my trust in Him. Unite yourselves and seek help from your idols. You should not regret what you want to do, but should execute your plans against me without delay (71) But if ye are averse I have asked of you no wage. My wage is the concern of Allah only, and I am commanded to be of those who surrender (unto Him). (72) But they rejected Noah, calling him a liar. So We saved him and those who were with him in the Ark, and made them successors (to the authority in the land), and drowned all those who had rejected Our signs as false. Consider, then, the fate of those who had been warned (and still did not believe). (73) After him We sent Messengers to their nation. They brought them clear signs, but they were not of those to believe because they had belied it previously. So We seal the hearts of the evildoers. (74) Then after them sent We Moses and Aaron to Pharaoh and his chiefs with Our Signs. But they were arrogant: they were a people in sin. (75) When the truth came to them from Us they said: 'This is indeed clear magic' (76) Moses replied, "Do you speak thus of the truth after it has been brought to you? Can this be sorcery? Sorcerers never prosper." (77) They said: Hast thou come unto us to pervert us from that (faith) in which we found our fathers, and that you two may own the place of greatness in the land? We will not believe you two. (78) And Pharaoh commanded: "Bring before me every sorcerer of great knowledge!" (79) So when the magicians arrived, Moses said to them: "Cast whatever (spell) you have to cast." (80) Then when they had cast (their staffs), Moses said: 'What you have produced is sheer sorcery. Allah will certainly reduce it to naught. Surely Allah does not set right the work of the mischief-makers. (81) And Allah justifieth the truth according to His words, even though the culprits may detest. (82)